Simple Blueberry & Peach Crumble

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Is anyone else feeling incredulous about the fact that it’s already August? Where has the summer gone? (Is this a sign of aging or a sign of the times?) The lack of camping, road trips, and barbecues in my life has really made me feel like I haven’t done summer properly this year. The one thing I have done properly, however, is to have taken full advantage of the bountiful summer produce of local farmer’s markets. The blueberries and peaches looked (and smelled) particularly amazing this weekend so I brought home a couple pounds of each.


In the Kitchen with Thomas Keller: Leek Bread Pudding


Sunday is my favourite day of the week. It is the only time of the week when my schedule is completely empty, which means I am free to sleep in and have a leisurely start to the day. I’ve beginning to appreciate these moments of quiet and am learning to let my heart dictate what I end up doing rather than try to cram chores in. I woke up this Sunday feeling a little tired so I decided to sleep in for a little longer than I normally would/could, go for a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood, and pop into the grocery store for the ingredients to make this bread pudding. 


Thinking Out Loud: Summer blues, marathon training…

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Hello friends. It’s been a while since I made a post where I just shared my thoughts so it feels like a perfect time to do another ToL….


  1. Meal prepping— I initially committed to meal planning/prepping earlier this summer in an effort to rein in my food budget (sometimes it feels like all my money is spent on food…)  and have been pleasantly surprised at the side benefits of doing so. So happy that I finally got my S@#! together in that regard 😉 It makes weeknights so much more enjoyable.
  2. Vegetarianism Update— I’ve been having trouble sticking to a strict vegetarian diet due to GI problems but I am following a more plant-based diet. Some of my favourite recipes lately have been this chickpea salad and this Thai noodle bowl. 
  3. Marathon Training— I recently signed up to run the Scotiabank Marathon in October. I held off on registration and training because I was really hoping to do an event on the Nike Victory circuit but that’s a no-go since they cancelled the Atlanta and LA runs. It’s a little scary to think I have only 10 weeks or so to prepare when the longest distance I’ve ever run is 20km… 🙁 Feel free to leave any tips for training, etc!
  4. Summer Blues— How is it already the middle of July? It feels like I haven’t had the chance to do anything remotely “summer-y”. Does anyone else feel this way? Perhaps I just need to push myself to go camping/take time off. I’m leaning towards camping in the Bruce Peninsula…images(Parks Canada)

Apple Radish Slaw + The Love & Lemons Cookbook Review

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I’m back in the kitchen! I recently overhauled my weekly schedule– which still contains way too many commitments than it really should, but it should free up some time for meal prepping and recipe experimentation. And what better way to kick off a new season of cooking than to buy a new cookbook!


In the Kitchen with Thomas Keller: Wild Cod* en Persillade


Hello friends! I feel like I can finally kick off the Farmer’s Market season now that summer is officially here. My favourite market in Toronto (at least of those within walking distance of my apartment) is probably St. Lawrence. The lovely fishmongers at the Seafront Fish Market were advertising wild Pacific halibut filets as the “Catch of the Day” this weekend, which reminded me to try out the wild cod en persillade recipe from the ad hoc cookbook (Keller mentions that the recipe is adaptable for other flaky white fish, like halibut).